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Zakti is a Sanskrit word that translates as the powerful potential energy of change. Cyndi provides a myriad of services designed to help you maximize energy and enhance health and well-being through practical, meaningful and sustainable  lifestyle choices and practices.

Cyndi Bulka, Health Coach and Yoga Specialist

Cyndi offers a unique, comprehensive approach to helping her clients make positive, lasting changes that will improve health and overall well being. She brings her extensive background of 20+ years as a yoga teacher and therapist with studies at Duke University’s Integrative Medical Center where she completed training as an Health Coach to help evaluate your challenges, then design a strategic plan for change that fits your lifestyle and maximizes success. You'll be guided, supported and encouraged as you discover new skills and strategies for making lasting change from the “inside-out.”
This approach to change is not something learned solely in a classroom. Cyndi's own health challenges motivated her to seek alternatives when the traditional western medical approaches fell short. After struggling to heal her own body from an debilitating auto immune condition and an unhealthy relationship to food, exercise and self image, she discovered that a complimentary approach that combines the best of Western and Eastern modalities was what best helped her heal both mind and body. Her success in improving her own health and well being was the catalyst for embarking upon decades of study and a deep commitment to living a balanced, peaceful and joyful life.

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

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