Travel near and far with Cyndi on a getaway Yoga retreat!

Something truly special happens when we remove ourselves from our daily grind and slow down in a beautiful natural setting... we can quiet the mind's chatter, disengage from our to-do lists and our personal story lines, and gain greater insight in to who we really are and what is truly important to us.

Cyndi has been leading retreats in the US, Central America, South America and Europe for nearly a decade. Join her on a specialized adventure to some of the most amazing places on earth. Retreats include daily yoga along with options to explore whatever the location has to offer in terms of natural wonder. Enjoy deliciously prepared wholesome meals and the warm companionship of fellow adventurers.  Create unforgettable memories, make new friends and deepen your commitment to self care and your practice.​

Coming in 2019....South of France!!

"Cyndi's thoughtful, meticulous planning for our Costa Rican adventure was beyond all expectations.  The retreat center was spectacular and every detail, including travel planning, meals, yoga and adventures, were handled with care and love.  Cyndi's passion and knowledge for yoga, coupled with her desire to make us feel special and create a memorable experience for all, was plainly evident.  The memories of that trip will remain in my heart, spirit and mind forever."  -Donna C.

Yoga retreats with Cyndi are a wonderful way to deepen your personal yoga practice. Not only do you benefit several times a day from her knowledgeable guidance in the philosophy and therapeutics of yoga asana but you also have the opportunity to relax, restore and explore the beauties of nature in a new setting. Yoga with Cyndi, in regular weekly classes or in the retreat setting, provides the grounding I need while negotiating some difficult life transitions."  -Pam R.


Breathe, Relax, Restore and Renew

Yoga, History and Hiking on the Greek Isle of Ithaca with Cyndi Bulka
May 5-12, 2018

Recharge your energy, reawaken your creativity and rebirth your natural enthusiasm for life! On this retreat we’ll practice Yoga twice daily. More active practices in the morning prepare you for the day’s adventure whether that be taking a local hike, venturing in to a nearby village, or lounging on one of three pristine beaches within walking distance. Evening practices are restorative and meditative to assure a most peaceful deep sleep so your body can heal and renew. Included in the retreat is one extended excursion where we will explore Stavros and the ancient site where excavations have taken place in proof that Ithaca is really the home of the Greek poet Homer’s Odysseus. 
Cyndi’s gentle style of teaching is accessible to all levels of experience and adapted for the specific needs of her students no matter what age or state of fitness. Her approach is deeply nurturing, light and humorous, and profoundly healing. With more than 30 years practice, 20 years teaching experience, and 10 years of leading retreats around the world, Cyndi’s passion for Yoga, her commitment to knowledge and her incredible intuition offers her students the chance for self discovery, healing and transformation.

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