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The Deluxe Package:

includes one 75-90 minute intake session and 11 additional 45 minute follow up sessions, to be used over 6 months.  $800

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

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“I've had the pleasure of working with Cyndi for many years; as student, a coaching client, and a Thai massage "patient". Cyndi's holistic approach to everything she does is indicative of her as a person. She puts her whole being and her entire spirit into everything she does, and it's resoundingly effective!  Cyndi has a wealth of education, practical and clinical experience to offer in a unique, tailored manner.  From the beginning yoga student to the informed spiritual seeker, I would recommend her services!“   -Todd H.

Whether you want to improve nutrition, lose weight, begin regular exercise, reduce stress and anxiety, improve personal relationships, create better work-life balance, or grow in your professional life, Health Coaching can play a pivotal role in helping you make meaningful changes. Perhaps you have goals in mind, but have no idea how or where to begin. Perhaps you've tried many times to make changes but keep stalling out. You may have been advised by your doctor to make changes to avoid health complications, or already have health issues you wish to reverse. Cyndi can help you formulate a smart, real-life, goal oriented plan, offer support and guidance, and encourage you to access your own inner strength so that you can make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Some of the concerns that Health Coaching can address:

~Diabetes                                              ~Smoking Cessation                 ~Metabolic Syndrome

~Heart Disease                                    ~Menopause                                 ~Career Change

~Obesity  and Weight Loss           ~Chronic Pain                               ~Chronic Fatigue

~Auto Immune Disorders              ~Fibromyalgia

~Anxiety and Depression              ~Major life transitions

“As a coaching client I found Cyndi has an innate ability to truly listen to another human being with her heart and hone in on exactly what you need. Her intuitive and pragmatic approach to coaching has helped me to better understand myself and set reasonable, creative goals to change.  In my coaching sessions I always felt valued and motivated to take steps to achieve a happier, more balanced life.  Not only did she coach me from a practical standpoint, but she honored who I was, where I was, and what I was comfortable with.  Hiring her as a coach is one of the wisest life decisions I've made. “   -Natalie M.

Healthy Lifestyle

The Basic Package:

includes one 75-90 minute intake session and 7 additional 45 minute follow up sessions, To be used over 3 months.  $595

Ultimately, most of us want many of the same things...

to feel healthy, energetic and optimistic about our lives; to feel confident that we are taking good care of ourselves and those we love; to slow down and enjoy our time on this earth; to feel a sense of peace knowing we've made a positive contribution to the world. It's what living a healthy lifestyle is all about! Cyndi uses a client-centered approach to assist you in creating changes that will improve health and increase energy so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Health is not just a series of health measures and numbers. As a Health Coach, Cyndi views health from a broad perspective. Changes are fostered from a place of mindful awareness and based upon your values, your lifestyle and your personal vision of what it means to be healthy, vital and vibrant. She can help to devise a healthy eating plan, teach you creative healthy cooking techniques, come up with strategies to find more meaning and peace in your work, and relationships, and improve your overall health and wellness.

Health Coaching Options

In order to experience the positive impacts of Health Coaching and gain tangible results that are sustainable over time, a 3 month window is the suggested time frame for success. For clients with significant challenges, like smoking cessation, chronic health conditions, significant weight loss, or habits that have been in place for a long period of time, six months to a year may be better choice for ensuring success. Please call if you need guidance in choosing your best option.

Monthly Option

$300 for four consecutive sessions

Kick Start Coaching Package

The most economical option. One intake session, and 6 weekly 30 minute phone consults.

One-time 90 minute health assessment and strategy session

Learn to look at health from a new perspective and formulate your self-motivated strategy for success.                          $100

The Premium Package:

includes one 75-90 minute intake session and 19 additional 45 minute follow up sessions, to be used over 1 year.  $1175

Cyndi Bulka, Health Coach and Yoga Specialist Cyndi offers clients a comprehensive approach to health and well being by combining her extensive background of 20+ years as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and body worker with more recent studies at Duke University’s Integrative Medical Center as an Integrated Health Coach. She uses her unique blend of skills and heartfelt compassion to meet individuals where they are, providing competent, effective guidance and support for unveiling new skills and change from the “inside-out.” This approach to change is not something learned solely in a classroom. Cyndi's own health challenges motivated her to seek alternatives when the traditional western medical approaches fell short. After struggling to heal her own body from an debilitating auto immune condition and an unhealthy relationship to food, exercise and self image, she discovered that a complimentary approach that combines the best of Western and Eastern modalities was what helped her heal both mind and body. Her success in improving her own health and well being was the catalyst for embarking upon decades of study and a deep commitment to living a balanced, peaceful and joyful life. Zakti Integrated Health Solutions provides a myriad of services designed to help individuals maximize their energy, well being and full potential through meaningful healthy lifestyle choices and practices: Individual and small group Health Coaching Individual and small group Yoga Therapy Hunger and Healing workshops Yoga classes and specialized programs Yoga, health and adventure retreats Thai Yoga Bodywork