"After 20 years of trying every doctor and treatment imaginable for my neck and back issues, including several surgeries, dozens of injections, as well as chiropractic, PT and acupuncture, I found Cyndi and described my back and neck issues to her. She suggested I try her Wednesday class. I supplemented with private yoga therapy where Cyndi provided a tailored routine to address my specific issues. It didn’t take long before I felt like a person on the mend instead of a broken human being. After 6 months, I was using yoga as my only course of treatment. By the end of my first year, I was thrilled to eliminate $6,000 of medical expenses! Yoga has touched every part of my life. Although I have to take special care of my aging body, I am finally happy in my own skin again and look forward to playing with my grandson. This real-life review is my highest endorsement of Cyndi. She is a well-trained, extremely attentive, gentle instructor, and I can’t thank her enough for her caring, healing skills and her heart-felt desire to improve my quality of life.   ~Lorraine W

"For my birthday my wife paid for a private with Cyndi. I was struggling with a bad back, and  looking for spiritual clarity.  When asked what I wanted to work on, I said “I'd like to talk about yoga philosophy.” She gave me some exercises for my back, and we began a conversation that has flourished over the past decade. From her I have gained much wisdom; and learned yoga and meditation practices which help me apply that wisdom to life. I am now 12 years older; and feel much happier and healthier in body, mind and spirit."

                                                                                                                                  - Todd F.

"I started working with Cyndi in private sessions  to have her help me with a chronic disease that I am dealing with.  I can honestly say that Cyndi has got to be one of the most caring souls that I have had the pleasure of meeting. She takes the time to listen to you, to know how you are feeling, and what you want out of your time spent with her. I feel very blessed to have met such a beautiful spirit.”  -Karin R.

Private Yoga and Thai Massage

Private Yoga Therapy

There are so many varieties of yoga and the options are many when it comes to choosing a teacher and taking classes. For those who suffer from chronic or acute health concerns, limited range of motion or injury, the yoga class context may not be the best option.  This is where individualized Yoga Therapy can help. In a Private Yoga Therapy session you can expect a personalized assessment of your structural body, health concerns, breathing and lifestyle as a first step towards conditions of imbalance.  A session might include one-on-one teaching of poses and breathing exercises that will specifically address your ailments and enhance your health, and/or it might include discussion about lifestyle recommendations that will bring greater balance and well being. Private Yoga also meets the needs of people who simply prefer one to one attention, have busy schedules, or need help developing a personal home practice.

Prices begin at $85 per session  

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Nearly ten years ago, Cyndi traveled to Thailand to complete a rigorous training in Thai Yoga Bodywork.  She is also trained in AcuYoga, a unique blend of acupressure and Yoga. Thai Yoga is a hands on therapy used to release energy stagnation  to promote healing, restore a natural flow of energy, and improve circulation and flexibility. Cyndi combines acupressure and Thai techniques with therapeutic yoga stretches and conscious breathing for a deeply rejuvenating, transformative experience. Tailor-fit to your needs, this type of body therapy can help you achieve better health, energy, balance and vitality.

Prices start at $85 per hour.

Booking Policy: Please understand when you book an appointment that that time is guaranteed for you. If you cancel inside of 24 hours, there is a $50 cancellation fee unless you reschedule within that work week (M-F) according to my availability.