Cyndi Bulka, Health Coach and Yoga Specialist Cyndi offers clients a comprehensive approach to health and well being by combining her extensive background of 20+ years as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and body worker with more recent studies at Duke University’s Integrative Medical Center as an Integrated Health Coach. She uses her unique blend of skills and heartfelt compassion to meet individuals where they are, providing competent, effective guidance and support for unveiling new skills and change from the “inside-out.” This approach to change is not something learned solely in a classroom. Cyndi's own health challenges motivated her to seek alternatives when the traditional western medical approaches fell short. After struggling to heal her own body from an debilitating auto immune condition and an unhealthy relationship to food, exercise and self image, she discovered that a complimentary approach that combines the best of Western and Eastern modalities was what helped her heal both mind and body. Her success in improving her own health and well being was the catalyst for embarking upon decades of study and a deep commitment to living a balanced, peaceful and joyful life. Zakti Integrated Health Solutions provides a myriad of services designed to help individuals maximize their energy, well being and full potential through meaningful healthy lifestyle choices and practices: Individual and small group Health Coaching Individual and small group Yoga Therapy Hunger and Healing workshops Yoga classes and specialized programs Yoga, health and adventure retreats Thai Yoga Bodywork

Weekly Meditation classes are offered at the Won Meditation Center located at 2816 Pleasant Union Church Road in North Raleigh. For questions and more information visit the Center's website.

Meditation Classes

Rev. WonGong So (Won: “Circle” + Gong: “Emptiness”) is the head priest of our temple. She was ordained in 1994 and completed her novice and undergraduate training, as well as her graduate work and internship, in Korea, majoring in Won-Buddhist religious studies.

She served in the Gang-Nam Temple in Seoul for three years before moving to the US in 1997, when she was assigned to the Rockville Temple in Maryland. She completed her Master's in Social Work at the University of Maryland in 2002 before moving to North Carolina the following year.  

At the Temple, WonGong develops and leads meditation programs and short- and long-term retreats, bringing cultural and spiritual enrichment to our community and beyond. WonGong enjoys sharing the blessings of dharma practice with others and gives lectures on Won-Buddhism and meditation workshops at Duke, UNC, and other educational institutions. She has served in interfaith programs both in the US and internationally and also has experience working as a therapist in social work for children and their families.Type your paragraph here.

Thursday Evenings from 7-8:15pm

Sunday Evenings from 5-6:30pm

All are welcome to nurture insight and equanimity here. Please arrive 5 minutes early to enjoy our Qi-gong exercise. Loose-fitting clothing is highly recommended.  Before the session, you are welcome to a meditative stroll in the Temple woods. Our Temple is completely self-supported through your love offerings. We appreciate your generosity.