"Cyndi's emphasis is on accommodating each body's needs while gently expanding those limits where possible. Her classes emphasize doing what works best for one's own body rather than achieving textbook perfection. Yet I have found that, with the encouragement Cyndi offers, I am able to improve over time in ways I would never have thought possible." 

                                                                                                                                                   -David B.

Yoga Classes

​​Tuesday Mornings 9:30-11:30am

Progressive Yoga Evolution Expand, grow and mature your practice with deeper explorations of asana, pranayama and meditation in a two hour format. Further strength, stamina, and flexibility will be generated as more advanced postures are introduced with longer holds. With an added focus on refining your personal practice and commitment, we'll explore deeper inner stillness with more advanced breath work and meditation techniques. Learn to lighten up and play with your practice, to discover more balance and ease, less struggle and strain. 

Wednesday Mornings 9:30-11am

Gentle Yoga Evolution Yoga does not have to be vigorous in order to gain strength, flexibility and balance.  This gentle class evolves slowly, movement is explorative and has an open ended goal, unique to each asana and each person.  When we practice with mindfulness in this way, we awaken our intuitive wisdom about the body and mind. And, over time and with consistent practice, we become stronger, freer and more balanced.

"I came to class curious and seeking relief from chronic pain. I ended up on a path of physical and spiritual renewal that far exceeded my expectations. I've learned new ways to heal physically, and also how to tap into a greater level of physical, mental and emotional strength within myself. Offering much more than basic instruction, and drawing from a deep pool of clinical and spiritual knowledge, Cyndi has an inherent ability to suit the needs of each student. I feel  fortunate  we crossed paths, and although a move to the West coast prevents me from practicing with her regularly, I still look forward to reuniting on retreats!"  -Kristin H.

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Begin your voyage to wellness!


Cyndi teaches weekly classes at the Won Buddhist Meditation Center located at 2816 Pleasant Union Church Road in North Raleigh.



90 minute Classes
$160 for a ten class pass
$85 for a 5 class pass
$19 to drop in

2 Hour Classes
$200 for a ten class pass
$105 for a 5 class pass
$23 to drop in