Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

"I cannot fully express the magnitude of positive change that working with Cyndi has effected on my life.  I met Cyndi in a workshop she spearheaded for women and positive body image.  Since then, I’ve been her yoga student, attended several retreats, and have taken her teacher training.  Cyndi’s wealth of knowledge, as well as her open heart and generous spirit, makes her programs a one-of-a-kind experience.  Through them, I’ve learned so much more about myself and today, I feel more balanced, centered, and happy because of the work I’ve done with Cyndi."  -Kate A.

Workshops & Special Programs

Small Group Slow Flow and Deep Dive
Mondays 6-7:30pm 
Strengthen and lengthen is the name of the game in this 4 week series! After a full joint warm up, we'll practice slow, mindful flow sequences designed to strengthen your body and build energy. Then we'll take time to dive deeply in to a a single targeted area to unwind restrictions and increase flexibility: legs and feet, hips and low back, the spine, and finally, upper back, neck and shoulders. Space is limited so pre registration is recommended.
This series will be held at Cyndi's private studio at 8226 Stone Cellar Drive in North Raleigh

Holiday Stress Relief!

Restorative Yoga for Body, Mind and Heart
​Sunday, December 15 from 4 to 6pm
The busyness and stress of the holiday season can take it's toll leaving our muscles tense, our bodies sluggish, our minds and hearts heavy. We'll begin with gentle, fluid movements that help release tensions and loosen joints. Using specific breathing techniques, we'll assist the nervous system in shifting gears. The lion's share of the time will be spent in restorative poses designed to facilitate deep relaxation and restoration of your vital energy. We'll finish with a lovely guided meditation. You will leave with renewed energy and a calmer, clearer perspective and be able to enjoy the holiday season with greater peace and ease. Spaces are limited so registration is required. All props provided.
$30 This workshop will be held at Cyndi's private studio at 8226 Stone Cellar Drive in North Raleigh.

Ring in the New Year with Yoga and Meditation!

Wednesday, January 1 from 2-4pm

Kick off 2020 with an intention of health and well being in the company of like minded friends. This special 2 hour class is designed for all levels. We'll enjoy a creative, balanced, gently invigorating asana and pranayama flow practice which will inspire and revitalize. We'll be sure to include the nourishing practices of deep relaxation and letting go so you can welcome in your next steps with vitality, peace and love. We'll finish with guided meditation to help you set your intentions for the New Year.
Cost: $25.  Pre registration is strongly recommended as space is limited.  Please call 919.247.1119 before dropping in. Held at the Won Meditation Temple at 2816 Pleasant Union Church Road.

Happy, Healthy Menopause: A Holistic Approach
Sunday, January 5 from 4-6pm
Is weight gain during menopause inevitable? What are the best strategies for weight loss, comfort and well-being after 50?
As women, our bodies go through many changes as we move through life. The teen years bring dramatic changes. Pregnancy and child birth bring more sensational changes. After all that we have menopause to manage... hot flashes, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, bone loss, insomnia and even more changes in body shape and self perception. The experience of menopause can leave you feeling out of sorts and confused about how to manage your physical, mental and emotional health. This workshop is designed to support and offer information. This is a friendly, informal gathering; I'll have some light, healthy snacks and special teas to share. Bring a friend and your sense of humor! Space is limited so registration is required; please call before dropping in. 
$30 This workshop will be held at Cyndi's private studio at 8226 Stone Cellar Drive in North Raleigh.

Journey Through the Chakras: An Eight Week Series

Tuesdays 9:30-11:30 for experienced students beginning January 7

Wednesdays 9:30-11 for Beginners beginning January 8

Each of the seven chakras are a collection of energy that contain physical, emotional and spiritual elements. When these energy centers are imbalanced, blocked or dormant, our body and mind reacts by succumbing to dis-ease and emotional problems.
This series will provide you with the information and tools to harmonize the healthy free-flow of energy running through and around your chakras. You will find benefits in the physical body, as well as with mind and emotions. Each week we will target a specific Chakra in a combination of brief lecture, asana, pranayama, sounding and meditation. No experience necessary.

$150 Tuesdays and $130 Wednesdays

This workshop will be held at the Won Meditation Temple at 2816 Pleasant Union Church Rd in North Raleigh.

"I've been attending Cyndi's workshops for years.. Most weeks it is hard for me to get to a weekly class, so the weekend workshops are the perfect way for me to get some good yoga in and learn some new and interesting things. Cyndi is great at giving personalized attention in the smaller workshops. I always leave so happy I came, and feel recharged even more than expected!"  -Susan